Folk Dances

Jyapu-Jyapuni (Dhimey) Dance

Jyapu DanceThis farmer's pair dance is generally performed during the harvest season in their community get together along with lively music and songs.

Indra Apsara (Nymph) Dance

In Veda, Indra is a divine supreme Hero of the Universe, king of Gods, who dances with Nymphs in the Heaven. This event as a memory for the local people of Thimi (Madhyapur) as if dead family members are watching this performance in the Heaven. The dresses of the dancers are, however, influenced by customs of Rana Minister's period. This Dance is in medieval style.

Lusi (Pestle) Dance

This is satirical street performance of social and political life, both on the local and international levels. However, the style of choreography and music are always same, only the story will be different according to time and space.