Newari Music: Chordophones

Comparatively there are very few number of chordophones played by the Newars, the mostly used instruments being membranophones accompanied with idiophones and aerophones. Following are the chordophones played by the Newars.


SarangiSarangi is the instrument played by the "Gandharba" caste. Though sarangi is not played by the Newars and also it can be taken the common Nepalese Music, Sarangi is an integral part of Newar music which is played in Newar socities where the Gandharba caste reside.

Sarangi is a four string instrument. These strings are supposed to made from horse tail. These strings produce C,C and G,G notes.


Piwancha is two or three stringed instrument. It is especially played by jyapu (Newar farmer)s . The two strings of piwancha produce C and G notes.

Unfortunately, it has been extinct.